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How to create a staking project?

what is staking

Let's get into a step-by-step-guide on how to Create your first Staking Project! First of all, you will need to be a Centher Citizen in order to benefit from this Service. If you haven't gotten your Passport yet, Buy Centher Citizenship here.

Once you are set up with Citizenship, head on the left menu bar (click on the three menu lines on mobile) and select Staking. Click on Create New button.

what is staking
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The Staking Form will appear on screen and indicate all mandatory fields with * mark.

Logo and Banner

The first element needed is the logo image (suggested size 350x350). Following the logo you will need to upload the banner image (suggested size 1400x350). These fields are required.

Name and Token Address

The Staking Name will be what the users will see when they go through the staking projects list, so choose something catchy!The Token Address is the address of the token you want to allow users to stake. These fields are mandatory.

Reward Token Address

This field is not mandatory and if left empty will have the same value as Token Address, this means that the same staked token will be given in rewards during the staking period. If another token is selected, that token will be used to reward the users for staking.

what is staking
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Multilevel Rewards SystemRefer to he expenaded version of how-does-affiliate-system-works for more information about affiliation.

You can choose
  • no referral: there is no reward system in place.
  • recurring return: (claimable according to Claim Period). can go from 0 o 6 levels of affiliation expressed in monthly percentage for each level.
  • fix commission: there is a commission paid that will be distributed among 1 to 6 levels of referrals to the staking project.
  • Express it in percentage of the fee that you want each level to get.
Staking / Reward Token Price Ratio

For a deep learning of the topic, head to the academy section at what-is-token-price-ratio. When you want to pay rewards to the users who are actively using your staking with a different token than the one staked, we calculate the reward based on the staked token and then by this ratio we calculate the amount of reward token to give.Give anything above 0 if reward token is more valuable than stake token.

Staking Period

This will be the length of the staking of tokens. It goes from 15 days to 5 years and the next field will determine whether or not the staking is cancelable and how much fee we want our users to pay to unstake their tokens. Is CancelableDetermines the possibility to cancel the staking of tokens by the users and it can be applied a fee to unstaking the tokens.

Charge Fee on Cancel

Will only be applied if is cancelable is true, can go from anywhere between 0 and 100%.


Annual Percentage Yield that the tokens will produce while on staking and thee users will be able to claim.

Start Date

Select from the dropdown calendar a date you wish your staking project to start from. It will be active from that date onwards.

Reward Release Start

The rewards that you will be paying to the users staking your tokens will be possible to schedule using this field. You can choose any time you want or set it accordingly to claim period.

Claim Period

Claim period can be anytime (meaning users can claim as soon as they collect some rewards) or based on a period of 15 - 30 - 45 - 60 - 120 - 180 days. Users will be able to claim their rewards based on this parameter.

Show on Centher

The staking for is a Software As A Service so it can be used inside or outside of Centher for your project. If you want to show your project on your on landing page, select FALSE, if you want Centher to advertise your project on the platform choose TRUE. Showing the project on Centher costs 1 BNB. Talk to our support team at  info@centher.io  to have your project set up outside of Centher platform.

Liquidity Pool Provided

If you are going to provide a Liquidity Pool for the rewards payout select TRUE, if you select FALSE and at the same time you select TRUE on Show on Centher your project will be flagged as dangerous.

Minimum Stakable Amount

It's the minimum amount you want your users to stake, it can be any number but if you set a min value then staking amount is always a coefficient of this value, for example if min value is 250, then allowed amounts are 250,500,750,1000,etc.

what is staking
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Maximum Stakable Amount

It must be a number that is a coefficient of the Minimum Stakable Amount and it's the maximum amount that can be put in staking per each stake. Each user can stake multiple times the maximum amount and each stake will follow the same vesting contract prepared in this form.

Total Supply

This field indicates how many tokens will be available for users to stake. Project MetadataAdd any characteristics to your project like "Rarity" - "Common" or "Round" - "One" or whatever you want to mark your project with.

what is staking
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After you click on Next button you will be directed to the social page where you can add all of the social links you have at your disposal to maximise the networking of your project.

Save and see the preview of your project before submitting. In this phase you can still edit the project details.

Once you click on submit your wallet will show indicating an amount of Stake Token you want to assign to the stake and the same thing will happen if you chose a different token as Reward Token. Select Max Amount inside your wallet interface and approve the transaction.

Congratulations! Your staking project is now live!