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How to create a collection?

How to create a collection

Why should I Crete Collection?

Creating a collection of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) can be an exciting and potentially rewarding endeavor, but it's essential to understand your motivations and goals before diving in. Here are some reasons why you might consider creating an NFT collection:

Artistic Expression

NFTs provide a platform for artists and creators to showcase their work in a digital format. If you're an artist, musician, writer, or any other creative, NFTs can help you gain recognition and monetize your creations.

Ownership and Provenance

NFTs are built on blockchain technology, which ensures unique ownership and provenance of digital assets. Creating an NFT collection can help you establish a transparent and immutable record of ownership for your digital creations.


NFTs can be sold in online marketplaces, allowing you to monetize your digital assets directly. If your collection gains popularity, you can earn royalties on secondary sales as well.

Community Engagement

NFT collections often attract a community of collectors and fans who appreciate your work. This community can provide feedback, support, and engagement, helping you grow your audience and brand.


NFTs enable new forms of digital art and experiences that were not possible before. You can experiment with interactive, dynamic, and programmable NFTs to push the boundaries of creativity.


Collaborating with other artists, creators, or brands to create NFT collections can be mutually beneficial. It can expand your network, introduce your work to new audiences, and create unique collectibles.

Tokenization of Physical Assets

NFTs can represent ownership of physical assets like real estate, collectibles, or luxury items. Creating a collection of NFTs tied to physical assets can offer new investment opportunities.

Educational or Social Impact

Some creators use NFTs to raise awareness or funds for social causes, education, or charitable purposes. Your NFT collection can serve a broader mission beyond personal gain.

Speculative Investment

While it's essential to approach NFTs with caution, some people create collections with the hope that their value will appreciate over time. Just be aware of the volatile nature of the NFT market.

Early Adoption

Being an early adopter of NFT technology can position you as a pioneer in the digital art and collectibles space, potentially opening up future opportunities.

It's crucial to research and plan your NFT collection carefully, considering factors like the quality of your work, target audience, marketing strategy, and the platform you choose for minting and selling NFTs.

Once you are done with your research and know what your collection is going to be all about, let's head ove the left menu button Creaate Collection inside of app.centher.io, creating collections like NFTs alike is aa feature that only Citizens can access, so if you haven't done that yet, head over to Purchae Citizenship and become a member now!

Creating a collection is pretty simple

Upload a Banner Picture and a Logo Image like shown in the piclture below:

How to create a collection
Image source: Centher
Upload a Banner Image

This image will appear at the top of your collection page. Avoid including too much text in the banner image, 1400 * 350 recommened.

How to create a collection
Image source: Centher

Follow the instructions for the size of the image to get the best effect in autoframing for mobile and desktop.

Add Name, Symbol, Category and a Description of your collection, URL to your website and social links.

Submit to preview and you are all set!

If you like the looks of how your collection will look like you can proceed and submit.