The First Social NFTwork With You At Centher!

The only Social Network designed for a new generation of influencers, where micro-blogging, social networking, and content creations run under the same roof: your contents, your privacy, your asset… directly in Blockchain.

A True Digital Democracy

Freedom of speech

Elon Musk bought Twitter for 44 billion declaring that he would invest in free speech. But the old will never lead to real change, freedom has only one direction, that of decentralization!

Even if we do not agree with your thinking, we will fight for you to express it through new decentralized technologies.

In a world where control over people is increasingly becoming a constant, the only weapon we have left to defend our voice is Blockchain.

Three Levels of Privacy

Freedom of Privacy

CENTHER is the world's first Social Network where you choose the level of privacy about your identity.

You can appear with your real name, you can choose to use a pseudonym, or you can even show yourself to others with your public key address in total anonymity.

We think that in this century more than ever it is important to support technologies that ensure the value of privacy and our personal data.

Protect your content

Freedom from Censorship

Have you ever wondered why centralized Social Networks can censor you so easily?

This happens because when you create content on their spaces you are never the real owner of your own content.

With CENTHER Your content instead becomes assets that you can actually dispose of according to your will.

You can NEVER be assured of building something lasting if you can suddenly be censored by someone just because a policy has changed.

Tokenize your assets

DEX Launchpad

With CENTHER you can launch tokenize all your assets whether it is a startup or a Personality Token.

We want to value projects but especially personalities, because it is the personalities of human beings that think up projects and promote them.

Our Social Network allows us to show each influencer their true market value by using Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens to promote their Personal Brand.

your assets in the Metaverse

NFT Metaverse Marketplace

The limitation of most NFTs is that they have no underlying and no purpose, no prospect of accessibility to anything.

On CENTHER we have focused on the opportunities that the world of NFTs can give us by already opening up avenues for the future.

We believe that NFTs will be the digital property certificates in the Metaverse and that the Metaverse will be the new Internet where we will be moving shortly.

Through our NFT Marketplace you can get access to the most high-potential opportunities regarding the new Metaverse Industry.


Learn how you can get started

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